I want to THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The trip was a complete success, in a big part, thanks to you and Hmad. You two make a great team in benefit of us, your clients.

The little drawbacks will be forgoten a lot sooner than the good things, that will remain as a part of our good memories forever. Particularly the Ryad in Fes. It definitively was the highlight of the tour. The place was a lot more beautiful than we expected, even after having seen the pictures on the web page. The attention of the hosts was warmer and friendlier than imagined. This couple is wonderful, I wonder how they can make any bussiness giving such a great service, at such an affordable price.

The guide in Fes was very nice, but the surprise was a very nice guide we came up to in Volubilis. Remembering you had advised me against the guides there, I was reclutant to hiring him, but he was so persistent, we finally agreed. Then a spanish couple joined us and we had a most fun time….! The guy spoke quite a good spanish, with lots of spanish slang, and even dirty words, (properly used, which made us laugh a lot), It is a shame I do not remember his name….

And yes, we rented the car from Hertz and we need to thank you ALSO for this. You got us a super deal. Raúl told me even the Hertz employee was surprised of how low the price was, but she had to mantain it.

So Elena, I say good bye for now, do not hesitate about ever asking me to write a recommendation letter to any potential client who could be doubtful (like I was), Un abrazo para tí y para Hmad.

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